7 Excellent Reasons To Use Raised Beds In Your Garden

 Raised beds are considered to be a great option for many people in any garden situation, particularly if they have limited space. Raised beds are mostly more productive than beds in the ground because the soil is less compacted, has better drainage, and warms earlier in the spring, which means that plants will start to grow in the season. Raised beds are easier to maintain, especially for people with limited mobility, and generally have less perennial weed pressure. 

Garden Raised Beds for Sale

Easier to Install

Creating a garden doesn’t have to be backbreaking work. Raised beds are a significant choice if you don’t already own a tiller. An individual can leave the earth intact and build the bed on top of the existing sod and for that only they have to do is build a box and add soil!

Better Soil

In the process of constructing most homes, the soil adjoining the house gets severely compacted. It has most likely only been used to grow grass, which doesn’t grow intensely enough to break up compacted soil. By structuring raised beds, you can import nice soil that is ready to plant in. 

Custom Soil for Plants

As everyone is importing soil, they can create a custom soil mix for each of the planters. If you are budding plants that like acidic soil, you can make an unusual blend for them without harming your alkaline loving plants.

Easier Access

One prime benefit of a garden in raised beds is that you don’t have to bend down quite as far. You can create raised beds as tall as you like so make them as comfortable as possible to tend to your plants.


Raised beds can be an eye-catching addition to your front or backyard. They can be developed out of beautiful cedar wood, corrugated metal, or other upcycled materials and even opt for the traditional rectangular shape, or make an artistic mandala.

Our dear customer Bonnie M made a "Butterfly Haven" Vego Garden metal raised garden bed. Checkout the review at our 10-in-1 modular metal raised garden bed kit.

I made this garden specifically to draw butterfies!! And it is a success, besides dressing up the boring front of my house! Thanks love it!!!



Fresh Produce

Another factor is that when you have direct access to your favourite vegetables, that is enough to build raised beds.

Weed Reduction

By elevating your garden off the ground, you reduce the ability for weeds and grass to creep into your beds and you won’t have to worry about edging. Few of the seeds will still blow in, but you will have extensively fewer weeds than if you were to the garden at ground level.

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