32" Extra Tall 9 In 1 Modular Raised Garden Bed Kit

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Tall Garden Beds

  • 32" Extra High: Enjoy the pleasure of No-Bending gardening with extra tall raised beds; optimal space for root to grow.
  • 2 sets Bracing Rods: 2 sets of bracing rods included for extra strong structure, last for decades without bowing
  • 9-in-1 Modular Design: Versatile configurations fit any backyard space
  • Long-Lasting Quality: With Aluzinc coated raised metal garden beds, it lasts 3-7x longer than regular galvanized steel beds, far longer than wooden raised beds.
  • Healthier Roots, less bending down: At 32,” it’s the optimal depth for strong root growth. The higher depth also required less bending down for more comfortable gardening. 
  • Easy to Assemble: Building your dream tall garden beds is as easy as tightening the fasteners
  • Safety First: Oval design with no sharp corners and a rubber safety strip over the edges
  • No Soil Contamination: Unlike chemical-treated wood or plastic, Aluzinc steel has micro amount of elements leach into soil during its whole life; even if it does, aluminum, zinc and steel are essential elements for soil.


Part List: 

32 inches 9 in 1 parts list
  • 4 x Corner Panels, 1 ft. long, 1 ft. wide, 0.6mm thickness, (Aluzinc steel with corrosion resistant coating)
  • 8 x Straight Panels, 1.5 ft. long, 0.6mm thickness(Aluzinc steel with corrosion resistant coating)
  • 2 x Bracing Rods ( Modular Design, capable to assemble into 2 x 3.5' rods, or 2 x 2' rods), made from high strength aluminum. 
  • 132+2 x Hardware (Stainless Steel 304 Fasteners),
  • rubber safety edging, (Commercial grade reinforced rubber)
  • hand wrench, and user manual.  


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers


Q: What’s a 9-in-1 Modular Design? Vego Raised Beds have a modular design, which means you can assemble the beds into various configurations using the included panels. In the 9-in-1 set, we provide 4 corner panels and 8 side panels. Panels can be easily assembled by tightening the included nuts and bolts. Depending on your yard space, you can pick 1 configuration from the 9 designs.   More FAQ


Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
a fantastic raised garden bed

I don't have to bend over at all to take care of the plants. While it's still my first time growing with it I'm exceptionally satisfied with the quality and it looks very nice in my backyard.

Great Raise Beds

I just love this raised bed, but I can't send you a picture as of jet, because I have to buy some wire to put over my raised beds to keep the squirrel out and birds so they won't eat all of my vegetables, because we have quite a few running around in our yard, but other than that I just love these beds and the green color.

Expensive, hopefully worth it

I bought four of these to create a raised bed garden protected from critters and at a back saving height. There was so much plastic to peel off the panels, that took at least 20 minutes for 2 people for one set. The plastic film was folded under the edge of the metal, making it near impossible to completely remove. Putting each one together took 2 people and between 45-75 minutes. I don’t know how long or if it would even be possible to do alone.
One of the sets arrived with some bent and dinged panels, probably during transit. Be careful when unboxing you avoid scraping. The finish or gouging your hands.
They look good when put together, and much sturdier than i thought they would be. I would probably buy more of them, maybe not in this size.

Let the growing begin!

I purchased two 9 in 1 beds to start a vegetable garden. Super easy to put together. I am trying hugelkultur: first layering in old logs, then branches, followed by leaves. Topped off with a mixture of compost and topsoil. I’m so excited.

Looks nice

My husband put it together. It looks really nice. We have the olive green. The color looks like the color of the item online. We haven't had time to fill it or plant yet, so I will find out early on if it is going to have problems with rust. I am hoping that this product is as good as it looks because I plan on ordering more in the future if it does well over the summer in south Texas.

I didn't rate a five for two reasons. First, I want to see if this product is as good as it looks, so it's a little early to accurately rate the product in that way. Second, there were definitely problems with communication prior to ordering especially with the phone service. The company in Houston is aware of my concerns, and addressed those concerns adequately enough to gain my trust to order the product. Hopefully, they are able to keep an adequate supply of product and fix their phone problems for future orders that I may wish to place.