New Products: Coming Soon

Here at Vego Garden our hard working team members are never satisfied with the status quo. We are always striving to develop products that surprise and delight our customers, and leave as small a footprint on our precious Earth as we can. We truly believe that a sustainably organic lifestyle is a worthwhile endeavor for all, and to that end we strive to make your garden as customizable and approachable as possible for each and every one of our customers.

Here you’ll find all of our newest products, fresh out of our design studio and ready to make your journey to sustainable living as easy as possible.

Vego Garden
Elevated Rolling Bed

Perfect for your patio or balcony

Humane, Long-lasting

Gopher Net

Water Saving, Super Durable

Elevated Rolling Garden Bed

Modular Design, Heavy Duty

Arched Trellis

Expansive, Vertical Gardening

Wall Trellis

Vego Garden Modular Mesh Cover System

Sturdy, Customizable

Mesh Cover System

Protective, Convenient

Frost Cover System

vego garden dragon fruit planter trellis

Innovative, Sustainable

Dragon Fruit Planter