The Perfect Time To Plant

Our tool calculates the best planting times based on your location and the types of seedlings you want to grow.
1. Pick Your Seedlings:
Just choose what you want to grow. Our tool covers a wide variety of plants.
2. Tell Us Where You Grow:
Your location is key for tailored planting times, with consideration of frost dates and weather patterns.
3. Your Personal Planting Schedule:
Our tool provides a custom schedule based on your seedling choice and location. It tells you the safest time to plant, and the ideal growing season for your plants.
Recommended Transplant Date:
Average Last Frost Date:
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The Smart Way to Plant: A Tool for Perfect Timing

Timing is crucial for gardening success — knowing when to plant is just as important as knowing what to plant.
That's why we've created a tool for gardeners to plant at optimal times, and to ensure thriving gardens.
Why lt Works

Why lt Works

Our tool is smart because it’s personalized. We understand that gardening isn’t one-size-fits-all. By evaluating local climate data and plant-specific needs, it offers a customized guide that caters to your garden’s unique conditions.
Make Gardening a Breeze

Make Gardening a Breeze

More than just a calendar, this tool is your personal gardening assistant. It’s designed to help you work with nature and not against it, ensuring your garden is set up for success from the start.
Give it a try today and take the first step towards a lush, thriving garden. Happy gardening!