The World's Most Expensive Beans | Vego Garden
The World's Most Expensive Beans
I am currently growing the world’s most expensive green beans. Navarro flat beans.  Until the bunny showed up.
3 min read
Causes of leaf spots | Vego Garden
Causes of Leaf Spots and How to Fix Them
The appearance of leaf spots often raises questions such as who, what, when, where, and why? Can it be fixed? 
4 min read
Invasive plants | Vego Garden
Top 5 Garden Invaders
They might look great, smell great, even taste great - but they’re far from great for your garden.
2 min read
Should You Put Mulch in Your Raised Garden Bed  | Vego Garden
Should You Put Mulch in Your Raised Garden Bed?
Mulch is often thought of as an optional or decorative element in the garden. However, it offers a number of benefits to gardeners, including moisture retention, improved soil structure, and weed control. Mulch is typically applied from mid to late...
4 min read
Eco-friendly Pest Control Methods for your Garden
Eco-friendly Pest Control Methods for your Garden
The summer months conjure up lush images of verdant foliage and brightly colored flowers in continuous bloom. Unfortunately, pests are attracted to the mild temperatures as well, and are especially prolific during this time of the year. When looking for...
5 min read

About Vego

At Vego Garden, our goal is to redefine Raised Garden Beds. The company was founded with the goal of launching a modular metal garden bed system with a 20+ year life expectancy, utilizing eco-friendly metal materials instead of cutting down trees. We emphasize innovative design and high quality with our products. The name vego carries the spirit of DIY modular raised beds suitable for growing vegetables.


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