Windowsill Gardening | Vego Garden
Wonderful Windowsill Gardens: Small Pots, Low Maintenance, Big Results
If you love flowers but you live in an apartment, or if you haven’t got much available yard space, or if you’ve just got a bit of a brown thumb, a windowsill garden might be the perfect way to add some greenery and style to your home.
3 min read
Sugar snap peas | Vego Garden
Growing Sugar Snap Peas in Small Containers
Did you know you can grow sugar snap peas in a small container indoors as well as your garden?
4 min read
Best Vegetables to Start Indoors for Early Spring Harvest | Vego Garden
Best Vegetables to Start Indoors for Early Spring Harvest
A new year has begun for gardeners, and apart from preparing for your typical vegetable garden, it’s also the perfect time to start growing plants indoors too.
2 min read
Natural remedies for common houseplant pests | Vego Garden
Indoor Pest Control: Natural Remedies to Keep Common Houseplant Pests at Bay
Leaf by leaf, they slowly spread, seizing the vital nutrients found in foliage. These houseplant pests may be small, but they are pernicious.
4 min read
Indoor Herb Garden | Vego Garden
Unlocking the Secrets to a Thriving Indoor Herb Garden
An indoor herb garden is a great way to grow your own, especially when you have limited outdoor space or just want to keep growing your veggies into the winter months.
3 min read

About Vego

At Vego Garden, our goal is to redefine Raised Garden Beds. The company was founded with the goal of launching a modular metal garden bed system with a 20+ year life expectancy, utilizing eco-friendly metal materials instead of cutting down trees. We emphasize innovative design and high quality with our products. The name vego carries the spirit of DIY modular raised beds suitable for growing vegetables.


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