Bracing Rods - Twin Pack

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Bracing rods are designed for reinforcement of extra long Vego Garden raised beds. Made from aluminum, the rods are strong but lightweight. The metal bracing rods feature an internally threaded design, and can be installed easily with the same bolt and washers included in the raised bed package. The rods will not be visible from the outside once garden is filled with soil. We include bracing rods in all our garden bed kits large enough to require them, so there is no need to purchase additional rods. To build a longer garden bed than standard size, please purchase our Extension Kit which includes both extra panels and bracing rods. Each Twin Pack includes a qty of 2 rods.
Each Twin Pack has 2 qty of rods included.

Bracing Rod for Extra Long Bed

Bracing Rods - Twin Pack

Regular price $25.95 Sale price
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How do I make customized sizes?

Each kit offers various possible configurations, and we further extend the possibilities with our extension kit. The Extension kit has panels, rods, and hardware to build extra long garden beds.

Can I buy extra corner pieces?

You can check out our Herb & Berry gardens, which are each made of 4 corner panels.

When will we have extension kits for Extra Tall beds?

Unfortunately, due to the complexity of extra tall beds, the easiest way to extend them is to purchase multiple sets, as we don't have pre-made extension kits for Extra Tall beds.

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What if the package gets damaged during shipping?

Because of the weight of our packages, there may be some panels bent in transit if UPS/Fedex handle it in a rough way. No worries, you can fix this easily so your gardening isn't delayed. Our panels are manufactured through a bending process from flat steel coils, in other words, they were bent before. It will not affect the corrosion resistance to bend them back. It may be hard to bend all the panels at one time, but you can always bend them back one by one. Here is an instructional video you may find helpful:

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