Photo Use Agreement
Myself (and my organization if applicable) have requested to participate in and use the Vego Garden Giving Back Program (“Program”) provided by Vego Garden, Inc. (“Vego Garden''). As a part of the Program, I have agreed to submit to Vego Garden images and/or videos relating to the Program as well as the name and logo of the organization if applicable (collectively, the “Materials.”)

For good and valuable consideration, the receipt and sufficiency of which I hereby acknowledge, I, the undersigned, do hereby give Vego Garden (and its assigns, licensees, and designees), the irrevocable right to use my submitted photographs or images, including without limitation videotaped images provided as part of the Program, in all forms and media and in all manners for any purpose in connection with the Program (including: display, exhibition, press, news, marketing or editorial use). I hereby waive any right to inspect or approve any uses of the Materials that may be created in connection with the Program.

I hereby completely release, discharge, and agree to hold harmless Vego Garden, its officers, directors, employees, assigns, licensees, designees, and all persons acting under its permission or authority, from any and all claims I may have relating to my participation in the Program, Vego Garden’s collection of or the use of the Materials in accordance with the Program and my consent, including without limitation: defamation, right of publicity and invasion of privacy. I have read this release and am fully familiar with its contents.

Once signed by me, this consent and release will constitute consent for use of the Materials to Vego Garden and release by me of the Materials as contemplated herein. Vego Garden’s contact information is provided below. I may access Vego Garden’s Privacy Policy at
* Please be advised that without receipt of this signed consent and release, I will not be able to access and/or participate in the Program.
I waive any and all claims to additional compensation by Vego Garden.
Vego Garden Contact Information:
Mail: 1521 Greens Rd # 100 Houston, TX 77032
Phone: (866) 597-1888
Fax: (281) 741-2686
For any questions, please contact

Vego Garden Giving Back

To continue the impact of your purchase, we donate 1 Vego Garden kit for every 50 sets sold. lf we sell 10.000 kits in a year, that means we will donate 200 kits to the people, communities and schools who are in need and will benefit from gardeningDuringthe Covid-19 Pandemic, Vego Garden provided free raised garden beds to the families who needed help. We hope their new gardens will bring them peace, hope and help them get through the darkest times that have been presented. Together, we fill the world with love.

For more info about our giving back program, please email us
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