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Vego Garden Giving Back Program

Just how big can a garden grow? Here at Vego Garden we believe that gardening’s impact is immeasurable. Gardening can change not only our perspective on the world, and our place in it, but can change the world itself. To this end, we endeavor to educate and expand access to the power of gardening to as many folks as possible. We are so inspired by your projects, and are honored that Vego Garden can help play a small part in changing the world.

Take a look at some of the projects that have touched our hearts and inspired us to keep growing!
Vego garden beds

Moss Haven Farm

Located right here in the Lone Star State, Moss Haven Farm is an incredible urban school farm that fosters a lifelong passion for environmentalism, community, and healthier lifestyles. Vego Garden is proud to support this incredible American Heart Association Teaching Garden.

Vego garden beds

Girl Scout Gold Award

Responsible environmental practices, ingenuity, and creativity are all central to Girl Scouts mission, and Megan’s Gold Award Project exemplified that perfectly. Megan used a 32” Extra Tall Vego Garden to create a raised rain garden at the senior community center in Green, Ohio. This accessible garden repurposes & filters rainwater before recharging the aquifer below. Way to go, Megan!

Vego garden beds

Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard

In Bloomington, Indiana, this incredible organization works to increase access to healthy food in ways that cultivate dignity, self-sufficiency, and community. Here at Vego we are so honored to play a small part in helping organizations like this one thrive. Anything that is not harvested from the garden directly by patrons is harvested by garden interns and put out into a low-barrier, client-choice Food Pantry, where 4,000 folks come each week in need of emergency food assistance.

These projects are just a few of the projects that Vego has been lucky enough to help with.
Our Giving Back Program helps make this growth possible. If you’re a 501c3 organization, and would like to apply to receive a discount or donated beds, please click the link at the bottom of this page.
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NOTE: For more information about the Giving Back Program, please email us at
For more information about participating in the #VegoGardenKids Program, please visit this page