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the Vego's in the barn until next spring, I'Il send a picture in the spring! great on the shipping

Seemed flimsier than I was imagining, but...

I was a bit surprised by how light the box containing my 9 in 1 felt, and was initially thinking, "this will never hold up" but after the bed was built and filled, I was pleasantly proven wrong---it seems solid, and I am sure it will give many years of service. I turned around and ordered two more.

Excellent quality and easy to use

We ordered 5 units and they are so nice. I cannot wait until spring to start growing. 32” just right height to take away the backbreaking part of gardening. Without these high beds I would be unable to garden.


Assembly was easy and he veggies seem to be doing OK.

Spring ready!

Received two kits and was quite surprised at the size of the box. But after putting them together we found them to be an excellent product. They even supplied stainless steel nuts and bolts! I will be buying more when I can!.

Superior enhancement to our garden.

I upgraded the family raised garden bed with the Vego 32inch garden kit. Superior improvement. Easy to assemble. Very nice appearance. Quality item, well made.

Awesome raised bed kits!!

We bought 4 of these for our greenhouse. They were very easy to build and the quality it top notch. Look forward to using these for many years to come!!!!!

The product was well packaged, easily assembled and looked great. Will be filling shortly and will use in my greenhouse. Very satisfied.

Can’t wait for planting season!

After calling Vego to verify what pieces I needed for a couple 4’ x 10’ beds, I ordered and they arrived within just a few days! We put them together last weekend - a crew of one woman and one man supervised by one dog- and have started filling them using the Hugelkulture method. First laid down the Vego cardboard shipping boxes, then some other cardboard, then a layer of partially rotting logs and stick pieces gathered in nearby woods. Next we put in a layer of old aged grass clippings, now waiting for rain to settle that before continuing with more layers. After years of wood raised beds rotting out after a few years, I was so happy to find Vego beds!

Even a city boy can Homesteading

I love everything about these beds. The minimal design, sturdy construction, and the non-chemical leaching coating. I plan on having at least 10 of these in my garden. But honestly the assembly takes 2 to 4 hours not 40 minutes. Each panel has a clear sticker on either side of it, it can be difficult, taxing, and slow to remove, just think if you spend five minutes on each panel and there are 20 panels, it can take a while! I wish they would come up with another way to package and protect the panels. If they fix that this would be a completely enjoyable experience to assemble.

Great product!

The product is made from very sturdy materials. I picked it because they appeared to have paid the most attention to safety by covering sharp corners. I was not disappointed! The black liner for the top edge and the acorn nuts on the top two rows of bolts make me feel much better about having it near where my kids run around. The product looks great and I look forward to putting it to use in the spring.

Love them

Have them filled and covered with straw for spring gardening!

Love the height!

So excited about planting my garden this spring! I have back and knee issues and the 32" height is just perfect for me.

Love these garden beds!

I ordered four kits to make two each of two different configurations (2.5x6 and 3.5x5). They look great and quality seems solid! Highly recommend!

We love our Vego garden beds

These were our third purchase and we love them. We love how easy they are to put together and how beautiful they make our garden.

Vego garden beds are the best!

I love my garden bed 17”
Height :)
Newbie to gardening and these have made it so simple and fun. I just planted Brussels, broccoli, and cabbage.
Looking forward to my next purchase and possibly bigger bed and planning what fall winter veggies I’ll plant next, perhaps beets. I live in north FL near st Augustine. Perfect for fitted sheet covers when it gets to the 40’s.

First time buyer

It was very easy to assemble. Looks great in my garden.

Perfect for a Butterfly Garden

After a long search of raised beds I came across these and they are perfect!! We’ve gutted our entire yard and put in a butterfly/pollinator garden. We have dogs and host plants need to be elevated so they leave the caterpillars alone. I needed a large space for my primary plants so I bought a 9 in one set and an extra corner set to make 2 planters. We had a few hiccups with shipping but customer service was awesome and after building the new flowerbed for them to go in and reworking some irrigation they are set up and ready to grow their roots this winter so they will be nice and healthy in the spring and ready for all the butterflies!!!

Too early to comment

Too early to comment on your product. Still in boxes waiting for their new home to be leveled. 5 Stars for customer service during ordering and shipping process. I don't think you would like a picture of the boxes stored in my shed, promise to post pictures and tag you on Instagram when I have them installed.

32” tall 10 in 1 garden bed

It is not as easy to assemble as the package states. I spent over 90 minutes removing the protective wrapping then over three hours on the assembly. However, the bed is great. The height is perfect, no more extreme bending and I can continue to enjoy gardening. I bought more beds and I am thinking of expanding my garden even further! Thanks!

Better than expected!

Very well made. Shipping was fast. We will be purchasing more in the future.

Great product

Very easy to assemble. Looks great in our yard. Can’t wait to get our garden planted.

Love the 32”

Again this is more a 4.5 star review but not a 5 because, as other have noted, the plastic is hard to get off and it’s not environmentally friendly and the paint scratches far to easily and the edges often come with damaged paint. Now what I love about this raised bed—it’s 32” I didn’t think I would like this height, but my spouse told me to get at least one 32”. I usually sit when I garden so I thought the 17” was right for me, but I am getting older and standing with the 32” is very comfortable. If it wasn’t so expensive to send them back, I would send all the 17” that aren’t built yet back and get 32” instead. Just so you know I’m 5’3” and don’t know how it would be is I were a lot taller or shorter, but for me these are great!

Absolutely love it.

I bought the first one for my wife as we are both getting a little older and don’t like to stoop over. She loved it so much that I bought another one. We are in the process of filling it. Here is a photo of her and her to Vigo garden raised beds. If all goes well, we plan on having six total.


I just love these kind of raised beds. They are so beautiful and easy to put together. I will definitely purchase another one.