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WooHoo 🙌

I am simply thrilled with my purchase of two, Vegogarden 32”, 10 in 1 kits. As others have stated, the first one took longer to assemble than the first, but that is to be expected. Instructions were simple and clear. Extra nuts, bolts, and washers were included. Customer service was very responsive to my inquiries.

So Pleased!

Our raised bed fit perfectly in our compact space and look very neat in our urban garden. The height is nice too - no more killing my back when I'm out there!

Best garden bed.

Easy to assemble. Many configurations to choose from to fit individual preferences. Very solid construction. Appealing appearance in yard.

Great Product, Should Last A Long Time

Overall, the product was very sturdy. The plastic coverings on each panel took a decent amount of time to remove. It wasn’t too bad but certainly took some time and patience to do (maybe 30 minutes). The plastic does do a good job keeping the panels scratch free during transit and everything was packed nicely with minimum waste. Assembly was fairly easy and the quality of the parts was very good. It takes about 2-4 hours to assemble, start to finish, for one 32” bed. I assembled two total, the first took 4 hours, the second took 2 hours. There are some thing like which way the panels should overlap that I had to undo to since I overlapped them the wrong way that made the second one much quicker. And the use of a power drill (with adjusted torque limiter) and a socket wrench will help a bunch.

I priced out making a similar raised bed with cedar and this ended up being cheaper and it should last longer. And was way easier to assemble.

Full transparency, my original review was 3 stars. The first missing star was due to the top two rows of bolts not having protection. The threads were sharp and its easy to cut yourself when gardening close to the edge. The owner of the company reached out and let me know that they are addressing this issue in the newer beds, so I’m happy to hear and have amended my review. The second missing star was due to support. The owner told me it was because he instructed the help desk to close as he was going to reach out to me to address my concern about the cap nuts. He just forgot to do so. So honest mistake and I’ve updated my review to 5 stars.

So Far So Good

The beds look amazing. My yard feels fancy. It takes some time but its an easy install.
Peeling the plastic is the biggest non hassle.
totally satisfied.

Great raised gardens

Excited for my new gardens!

Fantastic product!!

Love these garden beds! Fit perfectly in our space. Quality material and easy assemble. Look fantastic!

Great solution!

I love the adaptability of the solution. I ended up getting 4 9-in-1's and "creating" 2 kidney-shaped gardens. I had to 'flip' two of the curves to be inside-curves and they join on the ridges, but it worked. It's also about 1 ft shorter on the long side than it is on the 'entry' side. It would be great if this was provided as an option - You would have to replace two of the curves with 'inside' curves, painted on the 'inside' and replace 2 of the 18" straight pieces with 2 24" pieces. Anyway, the difference is barely noticeable and I filled the gaps where the inside curves meet the straight panels with 'great stuff' foam to keep dirt, etc. from coming out. Then I spray-painted the inside curve gray to match the rest of it (Since the inside curves are flipped, the white is showing on the outside). Filled it with logs, leaves, clippings, organics, and dirt!

Anyway, it came out great - I am very happy with the product, delivery, and ease-of-setup.

Love it!

The packaging was compact and the assembly was simple. The Olive green color looks amazing and looking forward to years of gardening with these raised bed containers.

Great Product!

Appreciate the upgrade in size, thank you!

Nice piece

The raised bed is well made and easy to put together. My only complaint was the delay in receiving.

Perfect for alternative gardening

We converted an unused 10x10 dog run on a concrete slab into an alternative garden area this year to keep the deer out. This was perfect because we could assemble it inside the fencing in a variety of shapes. We settled on a long, thin shape to be used for peppers, eggplants, and our trailing plants like cucumbers and melons. It took me only an hour or two to assemble, and it is so sturdy. It's a perfect raised bed planter. We are already looking at getting a second one for next year.

Love it and so do my neighbors~

Great idea!

I love the way is was package . Had to wait for a couple of weeks to store up on cardboard and tree branch’s from my yard. I have a 13 by 2 feet side I am trying to work with . My extension on back order so pending . All and all great problem solver for me.


Worth the Wait!

We had to fill in a couple of flower beds due to dogs who love to dig, but these round beds are adorable on our now extended patio. They are big enough that they're fun to plant, and everyone who sees them loves them. I got them planted and went inside to order another one for in front of our bedroom.

32" 9 in 1 raised bed planter

I purchased two 9 in 1 raised bed planters thinking I had room to install an 8x2' and a 3.5x6.5 planter. It turns out I actually had room for two 6.5x2' planters. Lucky for me they are modular and can be sized down. A lot of screws and nuts to put the panels together, but the finished product looks wonderful. I'm ready for planting. I don't have to bend over to attend to this portion of my garden. I highly recommend these raised bed planters.

Expensive but works well

We're happy with the product. It was easy to assemble and we were able to fit a lot of plants in it. It does seem a bit expensive for what it is however and I would have been happier without all the plastic waste from the protective film.

In love with these garden beds!

I am beyond thrilled with my purchase of Vego-garden (9-IN-1). I originally was going to rebuild my wooden garden beds, which probably would have cost me as much or more. I found Vego-Garden online and they fit into my modern aesthetic much better. I decide to go for it and order 8 beds. I love that you can build them in different shapes. They are gorgeous and are a huge upgrade to my garden. I am almost done transforming my garden and I cannot wait to share photos. This weekend I am building out a drip-irrigation system. These beds FAR exceeded my expectations! And the customer service is Excellent! Thank you for designing such a wonderful product!

Great Garden Beds

I bought 2 garden beds in different sizes. They are easy to put together and the customer service has been great. I contacted them a few times for questions, as well as an issue and the response was excellent. If I had more room, I buy more.

Stylish Containers with flexible design

Excited to have gotten my containers just in time for planting! Purchased 3 of the 9 in 1 Modular Systems, Modern Gray. Easy to put together, but time consuming. Got a few minor scratches on them from putting them together. Filled them using the Lasagna Method, thx for the tip! Love the way they look...gives a structured space to a garden that can get a little wild! Going to add crushed rock to path around them and maybe add another container or two next year! Overall, very happy with them! Wish they made the smaller round containers is this color!

Well designed

Have not planted yet but product arrive as advertised. Do delays in shipping. Easy to put together. The plastic protector on both sides was not all that difficult to remove as others have described. Just time consuming. Keeps the product from scratching during shipping. Love the product.

Best planters

I really didn't know what to expect when I saw the size of the box my planters arrived in but after they were put together I was so excited and ready to start planting. There is SO much room in them !!! I am getting ready to order 2 more for myself and a few for our daughters.

great product!

this was easy to assemble and is a great product compared to inferior wood raised beds

however, i ordered a set of stickers for the raised bed on 5/22 and have not heard back on shipping. order # 11997

Very nice

Excited to see these beds long term! It looks great and i bought another one!

Impressive Raised Beds!

Although I have not yet filled these with dirt, as I am still preparing the location, I am impressed with how sturdy these seem to be even though they are light weight! I bought 3 of the 9x1 boxes and they assembled easily with extra bolts, nuts snd washers, just in case... I can’t wait to get dirt in them and some veggies too but my initial impression is 5 Stars!