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Vego Pro Gardeners:
Nurturing Nature, Growing Sustainability

Welcome to the Vego Pro Gardener program, where passion and expertise intertwine to create breathtaking and sustainable gardens. Join us to meet our exceptional Pro Gardeners, who pour their hearts and souls into every garden they create.

Meet Our Exceptional Vego Pro Gardeners

About Sandra

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Gardening Zone: 10B / Coastal
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About Lannie Armstrong

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Gardening Zone: 7A
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Collaboration and Project Highlights

Set foot into the wonderland of collaboration and discover our Pro Gardener's breathtaking project highlights. From heartwarming community gardens that unite neighborhoods to remarkable sustainable initiatives that breathe life into previously barren spaces, they have carved a profound mark in the gardening community. Unleash your imagination and find inspiration in their inspiring works.

Pro Gardeners With Vego Highlights

Benefits and Recognition

The Vego Pro Gardener program honors and rewards our Pro Gardeners for their dedication and exceptional talent. As a Pro Gardener, you have privileges, including:

  • Lucrative access to top-quality gardening products
  • Flourishing monthly sponsorships
  • Prestigious Vego Pro Badges
  • Exclusive invitations to celebrated gardening events

We firmly believe that recognizing their brilliance paves the way for even greater endeavors.


Take a step towards an awe-inspiring gardening journey with our Pro Gardeners. Connect to embark on an enchanting voyage through their profiles, or reach out to us if you yearn for a collaboration that will transcend your garden transform a captivating sanctuary.

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