This is Vego Garden

Our mission is to make gardening as accessible and sustainable as possible, while encouraging gardening to be an avenue for personal and community development. It starts from a seed, but grows into so much more.

Vego Garden Our Mission Gardening


We aim to make gardening accessible by creating easy to assemble products with detailed instructions, real customer photos, dedicated customer service 7 days/week, and plenty of informative articles in the Vego 101 section of our academy page.


We incorporate sustainability by designing long-lasting products with recyclable materials, compostable packaging, all without harmful chemicals. We utilize waste-reducing practices like our “New To You” program and the Hugelkultur gardening method.


We want to bring the joy of gardening to the whole family; this means protecting you, your children, and pets with safety features like heavy-duty edging, rounded corners, and cap nut hardware to reduce sharp edges. The 32” Extra Tall Garden Beds collection is designed for elderly and disabled folks who struggle to comfortably bend down.


We aim to improve our community and yours through our Vego Kids and Giving Back Programs that provide for those in need. Our goals are to cultivate education, sustainable living, and community in schools, hospitals, nonprofits, and individual projects both big and small.