• Modular Raised Beds for Every Home Garden

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Modular Raised Beds for Every Home Garden

Aluzinc Steel: 3-7x More Corrosion-resistant Than Galvanized Steel

Create Your Dream Garden With Ease

We Redefine Raised Garden Beds

 Vego Garden is a Houston-Based company with the goal to redefine Raised Garden Beds. The company was founded under the concept to launch a modular garden bed systems with 20+ years design life, utilizing eco-friendly materials instead of cutting down trees. 

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Aluzinc Steel: The Ultimate Material for Garden Beds

Long-Lasting, Incredibly Strong, Heat-Reflective, No Soil Contamination and 100% Recyclable. Click to learn about the 5 biggest benefits of Aluzinc Steel Beds.

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More Space, More Plants

Healthier Roots, Less Bending Down

Designed for Kids & Elderly Safety

Save Trees, Stop Deforestation

At Vego Garden,  we are stewards of our environment in our goal to help stop Deforestation and Global Warming. By using metal garden beds, you are joining us in this endeavor to build our planet into a better place to live.

Vego Garden DIY Ideas

Thanks to the modular design of Vego Garden beds, you can design your unique garden space with our extra panels.

DIY Concepts

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How to Fill Raised Beds and Save Money

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Vego Garden Giving Back Program

To continue the impact of your purchase, we donate 1 set of Vego Garden for every 50 sets sold. If we sell 10,000 sets a year, that means we will donate 200 sets to the people, communities and schools who need garden bed. 

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