• Modular Raised Beds for Every Home Garden

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Modular Raised Beds for Every Home Garden

Aluzinc Steel: 3-7x more corrosion-resistant than Galvanizd Steel

Create Your Dream Garden With Ease

Story of Vego Garden

Vego Garden is a Houston-based company utilizing advanced Aluzinc Steel Material to build raised bed. The company was started by Robert X. Woodz and his colleagues during the Covid-19 lockdown. A dedicated urban gardener, Robert enjoys spending time outdoors. In just 2 years, he turned his grass-only backyard into a food forest with 100+ different fruit trees, 4 large raised beds (totaling 288 sft) and a beautiful front yard garden. During the lockdown...

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More Space, More Plants

Healthier Roots, Less Bending Down

Designed for Kids & Elderly Safety

Aluzinc Steel: The Ultimate Material for Garden Beds

Long-Lasting, Incredibly Strong, Heat-Reflective, No Soil Contamination and 100% Recyclable

Learn About the 5 Biggest Benefits of Aluzinc Steel Beds

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Vego Garden Giving Back

To continue the impact of your purchase, we donate 1 set of Vego Garden for every 50 sets sold. If we sell 10,000 sets a year, that means we will donate 200 sets to the people, communities and schools who need garden bed. 

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