Vego 9-Pattern Spray Nozzle

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ColorTidepool Blue
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Easy to use with multiple spray patterns to tackle various gardening tasks, Discover the convenience and versatility of Vego Garden’s  9-Pattern Spray Nozzle!

Vego 9-Pattern Spray Nozzle

Tidepool Blue | Vego Garden
Tidepool Blue
  • Tidepool Blue | Vego Garden
    Tidepool Blue
  • Cloud White | Vego Garden
    Cloud White
  • Seaweed Green | Vego Garden
    Seaweed Green
Regular price $22.95 Sale price
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Vego garden beds
Vego garden beds


This versatile tool can address a wide range tasks for watering and cleaning. Simply turn the selection plate to find the perfect match for your job.

Vego garden beds
Vego garden beds

Heavy Duty

The heavier weight and solid construction of the nozzle ensure durability and a long lifespan.

Vego garden beds

Slip Resistant

Featuring a soft rubber and embossed textures, the design of this nozzle ensures slip resistance and a form that snugly conforms to the human hand.

Vego garden beds

Thumb Control

The thumb control lever enables easy operation of the on/off function and precise regulation of water flow. This reduces the need for continuous squeezing, contributing to a more relaxed watering experience.

Vego garden beds

As Stylish as it is Functional

Ergonomic design with elegant functionality, water in style with one of 3 beautiful color choices.

Vego garden beds

Made to Last

These top-quality nozzles are built to last and provide consistent performance for all your watering needs. They are also eco-friendly and meet EPA standards!

Materials, Dimensions, & Specifications

Length Width Height Weight Working Temperature
4.5" 2.5" 6.9" 10 oz 32-122 ℉ (0-50 ℃)
Main Body Head Cover Handle Thumb Control Lever Max Working Pressure
Aluminum Alloy ABS + TPR ABS + TPR ABS + TPR 60 PSI
Length 4.5” Width 2.5”
Height 6.9” Weight 10 oz
Working Temperature 32-122 ℉ (0-50 ℃)
Main Body Aluminum Alloy
Head Cover ABS + TPR
Handle ABS + TPR
Thumb Control Lever ABS + TPR
Max Working Pressure 60 PSI

Vego Watering

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How much heat can this nozzle withstand?

The maximum water temperature this nozzle can withstand is 104°F(40℃.)

How can I preserve the nozzle in the winter months?

Thoroughly drain the nozzle to prevent damage when dealing with freezing temperatures in winter.