Jumbo Seedling Trays

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Featuring four extra-deep, jumbo growing cells per tray, you can ensure great seed-starts and propagations with Vego Garden’s innovative Jumbo Seedling Trays! Perfect for larger plants like tomatoes, eggplants & more!

With air-pruning strips along the sides of each cell, you can say goodbye to root binding and transplant shock for your seedlings; plus, each cell's individual draining hole allows for hassle-free plug extraction. Additionally, specialized drip-watering channels provide gentle hydration to the delicate seeds without upsetting their placement. Talk about the perfect way to set your seedlings up for success!

Note: lids sold separately

  • Each tray features 4 jumbo growing cells
  • Drip-watering channels for gentle watering
  • Stackable for neat, easy storage
  • Heavy-duty plastic built to last a lifetime
  • Optional lids available, sold separately

Top width: 5" x 5"

Bottom width: 4.75" x 4.75"

Cell depth: 4"

Individual cell width: 2.5" x 2.5"

4 trays fit neatly in a 1010 bottom tray

8 trays fit neatly in a 1020 bottom tray

This seedling tray is made with injection-molded PPE plastic.

Vego Garden Jumbo Seedling Tray 8 Pack Vego Garden Jumbo Seedling Tray 16 Pack Vego Garden Jumbo Seedling Tray 32 Pack Vego Garden Jumbo Seedling Tray 64 Pack Vego Garden Jumbo Seedling Tray

Jumbo Seedling Trays

8 Pack
  • 8 Pack
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Regular price $34.96 Sale price $49.95 30% OFF
8 Pack
  • 8 Pack
  • 16 Pack
  • 32 Pack
  • 64 Pack
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Vego Seedling Trays

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