Self-Watering Herb Planter Box with Trellis

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Mar 31, 2024
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Vego Garden’s Herb Planter is the perfect way to allow your herbs to thrive.

vego-garden-Self-Watering-Herb-Planter-Box-with-Trellis vego-garden-Self-Watering-Herb-Planter-Box-with-Trellis vego-garden-Self-Watering-Herb-Planter-Box-with-Trellis vego-garden-Self-Watering-Herb-Planter-Box-with-Trellis

Self-Watering Herb Planter Box with Trellis

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Vego garden beds

Start Growing

You don’t need a green thumb to grow delicious food for yourself. With Vego Garden’s line of indoor and patio planters, growing just got easier! Spruce up your space with our charming and hassle-free options.

Reliable and Efficient Watering

Our innovative watering system is a fantastic solution for delivering water to your plants without having to worry about overflow. Fill it once to water your plant for several weeks!

Watering System Herb

This innovative design gives new gardeners a hassle-free way to start growing!

  • 1 Fill the internal planter with soil.
  • 2 Open the water reservoir cover on the outer planter to add water.
  • 3 The bottom of the internal planter utilizes a wicking system so your soil receives proper amounts of water.
image Herb Double Wall

This internal planter is also incredibly easy to remove. This system makes keeping your planter clean simple and efficient!


Keep Track of Your Watering

The water gauge makes it easy for users to keep track of the water level. No need to worry about over-watering!

Meet Your Plants Watering Needs

Adjust the water level regulating lever to change the water storage volume based on the needs of your plant.


Breathable windows on the inner planter ensure proper
air circulation for your plants!


Vertical Gardening

With a curved trellis designed specifically for this planter, your herbs can grow to their fullest potential!

Easy-to-Install Stands Easy-to-Install Stands

Easy-to-Install Stands

Create a beautiful display and elevate your growing experience.

Internal Vents Internal Vents

Internal Vents

This innovative design allows oxygen to flow into the soil
thus preventing soil hypoxia, supporting microbial
activity & helping to accelerate nutrient conversion.

Recycled Materials

By using this material we can promote the reuse of resources while also ensuring a cleaner, safer environment!


Marine Recycled Material

By using recycled materials and bioplastics we can promote the reuse of resources while also ensuring a cleaner, safer environment!


Wheat Straw

The trellis links are made using a bioplastic composed of recycled agricultural waste.

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Herb Image1 Desktop | Vego Garden
Photo Gallery Herb Image2 Desktop | Vego Garden
Photo Gallery Herb Image3 Desktop | Vego Garden Photo Gallery Herb Image3 Desktop | Vego Garden
Photo Gallery Herb Image5 Desktop | Vego Garden
Photo Gallery Herb Image6 Desktop | Vego Garden
Photo Gallery Herb Image4 Desktop | Vego Garden
Photo Gallery Herb Image4 Desktop | Vego Garden
Photo Gallery Herb Image5 Desktop | Vego Garden
Photo Gallery Herb Image6 Desktop | Vego Garden


Our garden beds are easy to assemble. Put it together in just minutes!

  • 1Read instructions and prepare panels for assembly
  • 2Screw panels together
  • 3Apply protective edging
  • 4Fill with soil and get planting

What's Included


Length: 17.5”
Width: 7.3”
Planter Height: 7.2” (Trellis Height: 3.3”)
Soil Capacity: 6.34 dry quarts
Water Capacity: 0.66 gallons

What's Included

Planter Pot

Planter Pot

Water Gauge

Water Gauge





Straight Connector

Steel Ring

Curved Poles

Straight Connectors

Straight Poles

Straight Poles

Straight Poles

Hand Wrench

User Manual | Vego Garden

User Manual

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Elevate your gardening experience with Vego Garden Planters.
Grow tomatoes, herbs, and more!

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What if the package gets damaged during shipping?

Because of the weight of our packages, there may be some panels bent in transit if UPS/Fedex handle it in a rough way. No worries, you can fix this easily so your gardening isn't delayed. Our panels are manufactured through a bending process from flat steel coils, in other words, they were bent before. It will not affect the corrosion resistance to bend them back. It may be hard to bend all the panels at one time, but you can always bend them back one by one. Here is an instructional video you may find helpful: