Vego 20-Nozzle Oscillating Sprinkler

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May 16, 2024
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May 16, 2024
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Find out how Vego Garden’s Oscillating Sprinkler can make watering your lawn or garden a breeze with coverage of almost 5000 square feet!

Vego 20-Nozzle Oscillating Sprinkler  | Vego Garden

Vego 20-Nozzle Oscillating Sprinkler

Regular price $59.95 Sale price
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Vego garden beds
Wide Range of Coverage

Wide Range of Coverage

20 precision nozzles provide a maximum coverage of up to 4973 square feet. Watering large yards and gardens just got easier!

3-way Control

3-way Control
Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty

Made from premium materials, this durable metal base provides stability and the metallic coating is thick and rust proof, ensuring a long lifespan!

Leak Resistant

Leak Resistant

Stay dry with a secure, leak-resistant connection between your hose and oscillating sprinkler.

Cleaning Made Easy

Cleaning Made Easy

The built-in cleaning pin makes it easy to keep your sprinkler clear of debris, which ensures unhindered flows and efficient watering experiences!

Materials, Dimensions,
& Specifications

Length Width Height Weight Coverage
18” 7” 3” 32.5 oz 4973 sq. ft. (72.2 x 68.9 ft)
Material Working Temperature Working Pressure Warranty User Manual
Aluminum alloy, ABS 32-104°F(0-40℃) 20-60 PSI 2 Years

Vego Watering

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What is the coverage area of a 20 Nozzle Oscillating Sprinkler?

The coverage area of the sprinkler can vary depending on the water pressure and settings, but it is designed to cover 4973 square feet.

Can I adjust the range and width of the spray pattern?

Yes, our 20 Nozzle Oscillating Sprinkler comes with adjustable range and width settings to customize the spray pattern according to your lawn or garden size.

How can I preserve these connectors in the winter months?

Thoroughly drain the adapters and connectors to prevent damage when dealing with freezing temperatures in winter.