Garden Tool Box

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Your garden set up just got more convenient. Introducing the Vego Garden Tool Box! This sturdy toolbox hangs securely from the edge of your garden bed, and its hinged lid means your tools are never out of reach! Drainage holes in the bottom extend the life of your tools by allowing them to dry after use.

  • Hangs conveniently from your Vego Garden beds
  • Hinged lid for easy access and protection
  • Drainage holes on the bottom allow tools to dry
  • Spacious interior holds all the tools you need
  • Heavy-duty plastic built to last a lifetime

Length: 16 inches

Width: 7.5 inches

Height: 10 inches

This tool box is made from durable PP5 plastic.

 Vego Garden Daffodil Yellow | Hanging Tool Box  Vego Garden Basil Green | Hanging Tool Box Vego Garden | Hanging Tool Box  Vego Garden Daffodil Yellow | Hanging Tool Box

Garden Tool Box

Daffodil Yellow | Vego Garden Daffodil Yellow
  • Daffodil Yellow | Vego Garden
    Daffodil Yellow
  • Basil Green | Vego Garden
    Basil Green
  • Lime | Vego Garden
Regular price $31.96 Sale price $39.95 20% OFF
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Vego garden beds
Vego garden beds

Keep Your Tools Close at Hand

Keep your garden tools within reach so you can tend to your plants any time. Access tools with ease the Vego Garden Tool Box's convenient hinged lid and secure design.

Vego garden beds

Enhanced Durability and UV Protection

Incorporates BASF's anti-fading formula and PP material to resist UV damage, extend lifespan, and enhance durability.

Vego garden beds

Convenient Hanging System

Designed with hooks for easy and secure hanging, ensuring convenient lid access and effortless retrieval of tools.

Vego garden beds

Efficient Ventilation & Water Protection

A rounded lid to prevent water accumulation, and holes in the bottom ensure ventilation for quick drying.

Vego garden beds

Stylish Wave Design

Features a wave pattern design on the exterior, maintaining consistency and adding visual appeal to complement your garden setup.

Vego garden beds

Product Specs

Made from heavy-duty 2.99mm thick PP5 plastic, this toolbox is built to last.

Vego Add Ons

Take your garden to the next level with innovative
Add Ons that integrate seamlessly with your Vego
Garden beds.

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