How to fill raised garden beds and save money

As you have assembled your Vego organic gardening raised beds, the next task is filling raised garden beds before planting. One of the most common questions we see from new gardeners is how to fill a new raised bed and still save money. Many different methods are out there that work great! From our experience, the Hugelkulture method has been the easiest and most cost-efficient method to use. 

The Hugelkulture Method

Hugelkultur is the process of burying organic garden waste material under the soil to save on cost. This usually includes large rotting logs, sticks and other debris. These organic matters will decompose over time, and plants root will travel deeper into soil to obtain the nutrition. They will also work as a big sponge and hold water to maintain optimum moisture level. 



In the Hugelkulture method, the large pieces are are laid at the bottom and they will take a lot longer to decompose. In the picture above, the piling logs may take up to 5 years before the  base sponge can turn into rich wonderful soil. The small pieces are put on top of the large pieces to fill space, such as branches and sticks, and then grass clippings, leaves and kitchen scraps. Compost and top soil are on the top 2 layers so you can start planting as the organic matters beneath them decompose. 

Hulgelkulture Method Advantages

Hulgelkulture method has many advantages and has been proved to work great for gardeners around the world. 

  • Turn Garden and Kitchen waste into useful material to fill garden beds and save money
  • The Organic waster will decompose over the years and provide nutrition for plants to use
  • Hulgelkulture tends to hold water very well, the garden waste works as a sponge to hold moisture
  • As the organic matters decompose, it will heat up and create a microclimate under the plants and warm the soils, which can be very helpful in colder climate. 

Below is demo picture for Hulgelkultur in our Extra Tall 32" Raised Garden beds. You can use the same concept to fill your 17" tall garden beds or any other beds. 

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