Metal Raised Garden Beds Vs Wood Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden bed kits are the honey bee’s knees! It is a personal recommendation of many to in-ground gardens, for various reasons. Raised garden beds can give predominant security from weeds and pests, offer satisfied ergonomics, and can be loaded up with soil to grow flowers, herbs, and food, and that is just the beginning. They additionally make a dynamic, and beautiful look with regards to the scene. The most common types that are majorly used to build the raised garden beds include metal raised garden beds and wood raised garden beds.

You might wonder what material would it be advisable for you to use in order to make raised garden beds. All things considered, that relies upon your own inclination, style, budget, environment, and the materials generally accessible to you. How about we investigate it further? 

This article will discuss the most widely recognized and common materials that are metal raised garden beds and wood raised garden beds. We will examine interesting points while picking attributes like strength or wellbeing. 

Follow the raised garden bed trend, the raised garden bed kits are also a wide trend that is preferred by a number of people. They are fun and a feasible option alongside. Before moving forward, let’s understand what are raised garden beds and raised garden bed kits and which one is suitable for you: the metal garden beds or the wood garden beds.

What Are Raised Garden Beds?

The raised garden beds have gained popularity amongst gardeners globally. Raised garden beds as well-known as garden boxes are a great resource for growing small plots of flowers and vegetables. 

The raised bed gardening is where the soil is encased in wide units of regulation, which are typically made of different materials and can be of any length or shape. The soil is raised over the surrounding soil and might be improved with fertilizer. The raised garden beds keep the weeds and pests away from the soil of your garden, provide drainage, prevent soil compaction, and serve as a barrier to pests. The soil of your garden stays safe from disintegration or washing away during heavy rain due to the sides of the bed. In numerous regions, individuals can plant prior to the season due to the fact that the soil is better drained and warmer when it is over the level of the ground. 

Raised beds are additionally ideal for square foot gardening. By raising the soil level, raised garden beds likewise lessen back strain when twisting or bending around to tend the bed. This is particularly useful for more seasoned gardeners or individuals with back problems. Furthermore, if the beds are fabricated well, the gardener can sit on the edge of the bed while weeding. For certain gardeners, this is the greatest advantage of all. 

Raised beds are not equivalent to garden planters. Planters are raised compartments that have bottoms to keep the dirt from dropping out.  Bottoms of the planters generally are slatted, with some sort of semi-penetrable material obstruction which allows drainage. Whereas, the raised garden beds are bottomless; they are available to the ground, which offers the advantage of allowing roots of the plants to go further into the ground for accessible supplements. 

What Are Raised Garden Bed Kits?

Now that you have an idea of what raised garden beds are, let’s discuss the popular trend of raised garden bed kits that are hyped all across the world. The raised garden bed kits are basically an all-in-one solution to your raised garden beds. If you are a creative and handy person having experience of building a standing structure or if you are the one who likes to craft things and enjoy the activity and process of assembling, raised garden bed kits are for you. The raised garden bed kits have everything included from the pieces to the nails and screws.

People like investing in the raised garden bed kits as they come with everything in one place and all you need to do is assemble the pieces into a standing structure, which is a fun and great activity especially for the gardeners and people obsessed with gardening. 

If you are looking for quality raised garden bed kits, Vego Garden is your one-stop solution, we have round metal garden bed kits available of high quality and at reasonable prices. We deal in a variety of sizes and shapes so you can choose the suitable one for your garden. What is more attractive about our kits is that the edges, bottoms, stands everything is measured already and all the nails, screws are packed in the appropriate quantity just as per the need of the raised garden bed assembling. 

So, if you think that building the raised garden bed can be costly for you, or you do not have all the resources and raw materials to build the raised garden bed from the scratch, you can get easy to assemble raised garden bed kits from Vego Garden and enjoy the easy assembling process and the after process beauty of the assembled metal garden beds in your backyards or gardens. 

Metal Garden Beds Vs. Wood Garden Beds

Raised garden beds were made with wood traditionally, and occasionally, from stone or bricks. Yet, these days you can find the metal garden beds being the talk of the town as a suitable alternate choice for raised beds. The metal garden bed is an underrated material with a number of benefits. But both wood and metal have their perks. 

Wood Raised Garden Beds


Wood Garden Raised Bed

Wood is one of the world's widespread structure materials and the most well-known decision for gardeners, and for a good reason. It is found everywhere and is quite cheap. Also, in spite of the fact that it does not last for long, wood raised garden beds can pull off a few years prior to getting replaced. 

Advantages of Wood Raised Garden Beds

Wood is a widely used material and is very well-known among gardeners. The wood garden beds carry numerous benefits which makes them suitable for individuals and they choose to go with the wood garden beds more. The reasons why people incline towards wood raised garden beds are their amazing customizable options, price rates, and the availability of the material universally. Also, the wood raised garden beds have good thermal properties out of all the raised bed materials.

By far, wood is one of the cheapest raised bed materials. You can get wood free of cost from the curbs of people, wood beds, and utilizing old furniture. Furthermore, you can also source your own wood from a forested woodlot. However, most gardeners prefer to source their wood from the hardware shop, and wood like pine is very affordable even to build large-sized raised bed gardens. 

Wood is one of the easy sources to get your hands on, no matter where you are. The availability of wood makes it easy for individuals to build wood raised garden beds. Moreover, they are easy to customize and you can have the wood as per the required size and build your raised garden bed to the exact specifications. 

Metal Raised Garden Beds 

Wood Raised Garden Beds

There is right now a resurgence of interest in metal as a material for raised garden beds, with companies explicitly producing metal raised garden bed kits that are not difficult to assemble, safe to utilize, and are ensured to last more than wood. The metal garden beds are a little pricey compared to the wood, however, it offers the best long haul and low maintenance for home gardeners.

Advantages of Metal Raised Garden Beds

Metal has zinc-covered steel which shields it from erosion, making it ideal for any open-air application. The wood garden beds that can rust quick and you might have to replace it. The metal raised garden beds can last for as long as 20 years before getting replaced or feeling the need for minimal maintenance.

The metal raised garden beds are free of rust, won’t degrade, and are durable. 

At Vego Garden you can find a diverse range of metal raised garden beds with supreme quality ensuring the rust-free metal, and seamless process of booking and delivery.  The customer support is very friendly and available 7 days a week for your help. You can shop from Vego Garden if you are looking for a metal raised garden bed, we deal in raised garden bed kits and modular garden bed systems as well that are easy to assemble and build the structure of the raised garden bed. We have numerous different shapes and sizes like round metal garden raised beds. 

Raised Garden Bed Kits from Vego Garden

You do have a number of options to go with while you plan to invest in the raised garden bed or the raised garden bed kits. Vego Garden is based in Houston with an objective to redefine the trend of raised garden beds. Vego Garden’s foundation came under the concept to introduce the system of modular garden beds having a design life that is above 20 years. Using metal materials that are eco-friendly. Other than providing the standard raised garden bed kits, the company also gives individual panels for customers so they can customize the garden space in their own unique way. What makes us stand apart from others is the metal raised garden bed kits by Vego Garden that have round corners rather than the sharp edges, this makes the assembling safe, convenient, and easier. Moreover, at Vego Garden you will find affordable and long-lasting products, we make sure to become cost-efficient and help you build your garden bed. 

Bottom Line

Whether you choose a metal raised garden bed or a wood garden bed, in the end, it depends on the budget, situation, and style you want to have in your garden. Where some individuals prefer a rustic appearance and go with the wood garden bed, on the other hand, a number of people prefer to have an industrial-looking garden or backyard setup and look for metal garden beds. Therefore, it majorly depends on what is your planning from budget to style to placement.

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