Self-Watering Rolling Planter

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This 2ft by 2ft rounded square rolling planter might be small, but it’s mighty! Perfect for your patio, and easy to roll inside during frosty seasons, our rolling planters feature heavy duty locking wheels, super sturdy frames, and wicking cells for easy watering. Some might say they’re overbuilt, but we prefer to think of them as built to last a lifetime.

Closing the bottom of the bed there is a 3.5” tall, self-watering, wicking cell. A wicking cell is a reservoir which collects excess water, and redistributes it to your plants over time, meaning you have to water less often. The heavy duty locking wheels make it easy to roll your frost-sensitive or delicate plants inside during harsh weather. Modular Cover Systems are available for these models as well, to further protect your plants.
  • Total height: 24" tall from wheels to top edge
  • Garden bed measures 17" tall, has a diameter of 24", and the wheels measure about 7" tall
  • Interior depth measures 13.5" due to the 3.5" wicking cell which closes the bottom of the bed
  • Garden Bed: VZ 2.0 Corrosion resistant metal
  • Hardware: Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Wheels: Heavy duty, locking wheels


Trees Saved

1.7M cu ft

Yard Waste Repurposed

114 lbs.

Food Waste Converted per month per composter

Vego Garden Rolling Planter Garden Bed | Pearl White

Self-Watering Rolling Planter

Pearl White | Vego Garden Pearl White
  • Pearl White | Vego Garden
    Pearl White
  • Olive Green | Vego Garden
    Olive Green
  • Modern Gray | Vego Garden
    Modern Gray
  • British Green | Vego Garden
    British Green
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Regular price $169.95 Sale price $179.95 SAVE $10
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