Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

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Gardening is a healthy activity with fulfilling results. You can utilize the space in your garden effectively by planting productive plants in your garden beds and make your garden beautiful using the best ideas from Vego Garden. Vego Garden offers different types of raised garden kits for different varieties of plants. Mark Oliver, a happy customer, sent us step-by-step instructions for integrating metal raised beds into his home backyard.

Metal raised beds are easy to set up and help maximize your available space. Constructed from high-quality materials, including high-strength metal sheets, our raised garden beds are extremely resistant to corrosion and rust. 

If you are looking for a versatile garden bed made of the best quality material that efficiently utilizes your gardening space, we recommend Vego Garden. Our collection contains metal raised beds, galvanized raised beds, round metal raised beds, and modular garden beds which can be customized according to your available gardening space.

These organic and eco-friendly raised beds are easy to set up by yourself. You just need to purchase raised bed kits in the number of raised beds you have decided to install and add the soil layers in the proper ratio. We recommend you to calculate the ratio for your gardening project before starting to ensure the appropriate soil amount for your fruits and vegetables, keeping in mind that it takes time for plants to grow a strong root system. 

Below is a step-by-step procedure on how you can transform a stagnant, unkempt backyard into a productive green space by purchasing quality products from the Vego Garden. By using high quality, recyclable material, our raised garden beds lend a clean, modern aesthetic to a newly set garden space.

1. Identify The Space in Your Garden

Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden

Although there are many locations in your garden that are sparingly used or empty, not all of them are conducive to plant cultivation, depending on the types of plants and seeds you are using. It is important to keep factors such as sunlight in mind before setting up your space for gardening. Firstly, identify the space you think is the most suitable space for your metal raised beds, and then proceed to the next procedure. 

2. Mark The Space in Your Garden

Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden

The second most important step after you have identified the space for gardening is to mark the area with proper measurements using customized sheet preparations. This process is important because it helps you utilize the space in your garden efficiently and identify the number of plants, seeds, or vegetables you want to grow in the marked area.

3. Remove the Carpet Grass from the Marked Area

Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden

The next step is to remove the carpeted grass of the marked area so that you have a level platform for placing your metal raised beds for new plants and seeds. Do not dispose of the carpeted grass, as it will be useful later on.

4. Clear the Old Area

Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden

The next step includes clearing the area of old manure in order to incorporate fresh soil for growing new plants.

5. Integrate a New Soil

Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden

Fill the marked land with at least 40% of piled logs. The piled logs consist of the first layer for your metal-raised beds. This process is also referred to as organic gardening because it uses organic material to save on costs and enrich the soil.  

6. Place the Metal Raised Bed


Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden



Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden



Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden


This next step is to place the customized metal sheets according to the marked area in your garden. Although you can get metal raised garden bed kits from different companies, you should check the customer reviews before purchasing the kits. Since they are long-term investments, it is important to ensure the quality of the kits first. 

Raised garden beds come in many different colors, shapes, and designs, allowing you to choose one according to your preferences or gardening situation. The dimensions of the metal raised beds for the marked area are important, as you will need to adjust the lengths to accommodate that specific area. 

We have chosen 4 metallic raised beds for planting different seeds in the area. You can customize the dimensions of your raised beds yourself using modular garden bed kits. To set up the edges, simply join the nuts and bolts of your garden bed together. As shown in the picture, we have set up four metal beds, with two metal beds in one location, and the other two in the other using metal raised sheets. We have lined the insides of our garden beds with cardboard, which will serve as the base.

7. Insert Branches and Sticks


Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden


The second layer consists of branches and sticks you can easily find anywhere. Filling your raised metal bed with them is a cost-effective way to enrich the soil with nutrients for your new plants. You can repurpose branches and logs lying around from your garden with little effort.

8. Put The Cropped Carpeted Grass


Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden



The third layer is the cropped carpeted grass you have previously removed, which serves as plant waste. Before placing the carpeted grass on the inside of the metal raised beds in your marked area, you should cut it further into smaller pieces and divide them equally. You can increase or decrease the quantity according to the type of plants in your garden, or based the number of metal sheets you have used for this endeavor. Plant waste should consist of 25% of the material in your raised garden beds.

9. Fill the Marked Area with Compost

Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden


To make it eco-friendly, fill the fourth layer with compost, which will act as a catalyst in transforming the seeds into plants. Compost is beneficial towards plant growth, routinely enriching the soil with essential nutrients. Unlike fertilizers, they are harmless as they do not contain chemicals. The quantity of compost is based on the layers you have placed previously in the bed, which should be around 10% of the total. The second last layer in the process, good quality compost is recommended, which will be compatible with the topmost layer containing rich quality soil.

10. Fill the Marked Area with New Soil

Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden

In this step, insert a marker in the metal raised bed and then fill with fresh quality soil. Cover the overall area of the raised bed, patting down the soil properly and making sure it is level.

11. Place a Plastic Sheet


Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden


Place a plastic sheet beneath the raised beds to protect it from excess sunlight, which will deteriorate the soil before it is time for planting. The plastic sheet covering is designed to insulate the raised metal bed, protecting the soil from heat. Afterwards, fill the plastic-covered area with soil to increase the coverage efficiency of the plastic. The lower layers of the metal-raised beds must be covered because severe weather conditions can cause the grass to become rough and burnt. This is the best possible cost-effective way to save your raised beds while giving you fast results. 

12. The Growing Layer


Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds | Vego Garden


Now, you can decide whenever you want seeds or transplants to plant in the metal-raised beds. We have planted the seeds of arugula, spinach, lettuce, kale, and onions, all of which have worked well in our raised garden beds. We have also inserted lights into the corners so that our beds will be visible to people at night, giving our yard a modern, aesthetic look. 


There are different types of raised beds, including galvanized garden beds, modular garden beds, and round metal raised garden beds. The choice you make is dependent on your gardening preferences, budget, and available space. No matter which designs you choose, raised garden beds are an efficient and cost-effective strategy to grow numerous fruits and veggies in your backyard. It is important that you use high-quality soil rich in minerals, which will deliver essential nutrients to the fruits and vegetables in your raised bed. 

Whether you are doing it for yourself or for business purposes, you can purchase a raised garden kit at low prices and customize it according to your requirements. Although garden beds are long lasting, maintenance is essential if you want them to perform well and flourish. Start with a few raised garden beds in the beginning and gradually increase the number once you have gained sufficient insight and experience.  

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Raised garden beds are an essential, easy way to start growing your fruits and vegetables affordably. You can purchase raised garden kits at cheap prices, as well as compost, which is available at different qualities, allowing you to choose one according to your budget. The wide range of prices for raised garden bed materials and kits will appeal to gardeners of all budgets. You can take advantage of your wastes as well by utilizing kitchen compost or fallen branches lying around in your yard. You can also add lights to your raised garden beds to create a magical landscape during the night.