Vego Garden DIY Ideas

Thanks to the Modular design of Vego Garden products, the configurations are not just limited to 6 or 9 as listed in manual. With your imagination added, there are countless design ideas to make your garden a unique place. Vego Garden offers diy garden design panels. (comes with hardwares and edging) to purchase, and you can also purchase multiple kits to put together into a different shape as you like.

engineering drawing


engineering drawing
engineering drawing



  • Craig Glasgow

    If you made 4 feet by 4 feet raised beds I would want to buy eight units for end of year delivery.

  • Louis Kief

    Wow, your products look GREAT! We’ve been fighting with birds and rodents attacking our raised beds that don’t have sides. Wood has become SO expensive, your method looks perfect for us. We’re in the midst of our growing season here in southern Arizona but we are going to start planning how we can convert what we have to your system for next season. We work in AutoCAD so we’ll create a series of templates and see how we can make your products work with our existing irrigation lines. We will be happy to share whatever we come up with to help others and promote your products. Looking very much forward to working with you. Please let us know where you ship from. Thanks, Lou Kief & Bill Walls, Green Valley, Arizona

  • Joe E Bennett

    Already received my first raised bed that I put together, loved it so much I just preordered 2 more! Glad to support a USA company!

  • Alice Carnahan

    I’ve been looking for a new raised bed design besides wood. I think I have found it. Will be ordering my first bed soon.

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