Ideas for Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

Utilizing space in your garden by putting some productive plants and seeds properly in a productive manner would not only make it a useful space but also make your garden look beautiful by getting the best ideas or DIY from Vego garden. This hobby is a healthy activity and has good results. They are offering different types of raised garden kits. Mark Oliver is our happy customer and sent us the step-by-step integration of the metal raised beds at his home backyard.

The metal raised beds are super easy to integrate into your garden and also beneficial for securing your newly seeded space by metal raised garden bed kits. They are high-quality materials and of different categories particularly for different categories of plant, extremely resistant to corrosion with a fine thickness of the sheet and high-strength metal sheets. 

We were looking for some protective material to make use of our gardening space in something productive and fun and found that Vego Garden is providing the best quality raised beds. Metal raised beds, galvanized raised beds, round metal raised beds, and modular garden beds can be made in customized sizes according to your area of coverage for the raised garden beds.

These organic and purely natural raised beds are easy to make on your own. You just need the raised bed kits according to the number of raised beds you have decided to prepare and get all the layer’s material for it in a proper ratio. Calculated ratio always works best for the gardening project otherwise you keep waiting for your soil to give fruits. It takes time to grow the base and become stronger. 

Here is a step-by-step procedure about how you can make your unnecessary garden space into a useful space by purchasing your quality goods from the Vego Garden. A newly set garden space looks phenomenal by the usage of green and recycling material. 

1. Identify The Space in Your Garden

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

People make their garden useful as a hobby and sometimes passion. There are so many locations in your garden that are spare or not in use but not all of them can be used for different types of plants and seeds. Moreover, it is also important to keep the factors for sunlight in mind before starting a setup for gardening. People make their garden useful as a hobby and sometimes passion. 

So, identify the space that you think is the best suitable space for your metal raised beds, and then go on to the next procedure. 

2. Mark The Space in Your Garden

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

The second most important step after identifying your space for gardening is to mark the space with proper measurement for the customized sheet preparation of the marked area you have spotted in your garden. 

It is important because you know the best possible coverage for your garden and the number of plants or seeds, or vegetables you want to grow in the marked area.

3. Remove the Carpet Grass from the Marked Area

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

The next step is to remove the carpeted grass of the marked area only and make it a proper new space for putting the metal raised beds for the new plants and seeds. Furthermore, the carpeted grass removed from the marked area would be used in the next step. So, do not dispose of the carpeted grass that you scratched.

4. Clear the Old Area

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

The next step includes the removal of the carpeted grass smoothly, clear the old manure area to incorporate the fresh soil for growing the new plant for anything.

5. Integrate a New Soil

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

In this step, fill the marked land with at least 40% of the pilling logs. The pilling log is the first layer for your metal-raised beds. Also, referred to as organic gardening raised beds. 

6. Place the Metal Raised Bed

Place Metal Raised Garden Bed | Vego Garden

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

This step is the most important as the metal sheet is customized and according to the marked area in your garden. You can get your metal raised garden bed kit from different companies but check the customer review before you buy the kit as you are going to make a long-term investment. Ensure the quality of the kit first. 

So, you can take as many as you want in different colors, shapes, and designs whichever you like the most or which compliments your house the most. According to the area we have chosen. The measurement of the metal raised beds is very important for the marked area to adjust the beds in that specific area. We have chosen 4 metallic sheets for implanting the different seeds in the area. You can fix the metal or any other raised beds in your garden by yourself. Join the nuts and bolts in your garden and fix them. We fixed the first 2 areas and then fixed the next 2 areas with the metal raised sheet. The inner part of the metal sheets is empty from the inside and we would fill it by inserting cardboard inside it to make the base and fill the first layer with it. 

7. Insert Branches and Sticks

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

The second layer is of branches and sticks in your metal raised kits according to your area. You can find them easily anywhere and fill your raised metal bed with them which is cost-effective and helpful in giving the right nutrition to the newly integrated seed. You can get these branches and sticks from your garden or somewhere with struggling a little. 

8. Put The Cropped Carpeted Grass

 Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

In this step, the third layer is the cropped carpeted grass that would be used now inside to create the metal raised bed. All of them are further cut into small pieces and then divide equally into all four metallic sheets inside the mark. You can increase or decrease the quantity according to your type of seed or plant, you are going to integrate or how many metal sheets you have used for the organic material utilization. Around 25%, plant waste should be used to create the raised garden beds.

9. Fill the Marked Area with Compost

 Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

To make it green implantation, fill the fourth layer with compost which would help in growing the seeds into plants more efficiently and acts as a catalyst along with other characteristics. They are beneficial for the growth with no harm as it is natural. There is a certain ratio according to your prior step quantity which tells the quantity of compost in the metal raised bed. Moreover, the quality of the second last layer should be good as we filled the topmost layer with rich quality soil. 

10. Fill the Marked Area with New Soil

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

In this step, plain out the inserted material in the metal raised bed and then fill fresh quality soil all over the marked area. Also, you must cover the overall area of the marked area, not ignoring the fact that space left between the metallic sheets also helps in the growth of the marked area and segregated area.  Plain the soil properly and equal it. 

11. Place a Plastic Sheet

Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

Place a plastic sheet beneath the raised beds to protect it from excess sunlight and deteriorating the soil before its actual time. So, the plastic sheet covered is done to provide insulation to the raised metal bed. Afterward, fill the plastic-covered area with soil to increase the plastic coverage efficiency in protecting the soil from heat. These metal-raised beds' lower layers are a must to cover because of the weather conditions which cause the grass to be all rough and burnt. This is the best possible cost-effective way to save your raised beds and gives you increased and fast results. 

12. The Growing Layer

 Vego Garden Customizable Metal Raised Garden Beds

Now, you can decide which plant you want to be seeded or planted in the metal-raised beds. It is your choice. Although we have planted the seeds of Arugula, Spinach, Lettuce, Kale, and Onions. All worked well in the raised garden beds. Besides, we have also inserted light in the corners so that it would be visible to people at night and gives it a modern and aesthetic look. 


There are different types of gardening projects like raised beds. For example, galvanized garden beds, modular garden beds, round metal raised garden beds. You can choose the way you like your garden to appear for the people. They are a very efficient and cost-effective strategy to grow numerous fruits and veggies in your backyard. But you would need high-quality soil which must be rich in minerals, giving all the essential and healthy nutrients to your fruits and veggies or whichever seed you are planting in the raised bed. 

Also, you can get a raised garden kit at less prices and create some different types of raised garden beds according to your requirement whether you are doing it for yourself or doing it for business purposes. This method is efficient for both categories. They have good shelf lives, however, maintaining it is essential no matter what if you want the raised garden bed to perform well and grow. Start with few raised garden beds in the beginning and gradually increase the number of raised garden beds and gain from your crops.  

Summing up

The raised garden beds are the most essential and easy way to start growing your fruits and veggies in an affordable range by buying the raised garden kits at cheap prices and the composts are available in a wide variety of quality. You can choose your compost according to your budget. The other important thing is all the materials and kits can be purchased in your range and you can take advantage of your wastes as well. These raised garden beds are good to utilize your kitchen and garden wastes constructively. The raised garden beds also look so beautiful at night if integrating with lights giving your garden an aesthetic appearance. 

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