Vego Flow Meter Timer

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Learn how Vego Garden’s Flow Meter can help you manage water usage and flow rates efficiently for your specific needs.

Vego Flow Meter Timer  | Vego Garden

Vego Flow Meter Timer

Regular price $22.95 Sale price
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Vego garden beds

Easy, Straight Forward Operation

Use Vego’s Flow Meter Timer to efficiently regulate the flow and timing of your irrigation. Tasks like washing your fruits and vegetables or filling buckets of water are as easy as the twist of a knob!

Easy, Straight Forward Operation

Auto Watering

Control the flow, timing, and amount of water with ease. The timer will automatically stop the flow of water once the the specifications are met.

Auto Watering Function

Meet All of Your
Watering Needs

With both auto watering and manual settings, you’ll never have to detach the flow timer from your faucet or watering tools.

Meet All of Your Watering Needs

Easy to Install

The Flow Meter is simple to fasten to both your faucet and to our other watering tools and
accessories. With maximum measurements of 1400 gallons (5000 liters) and 4 hours, you can
adjust your watering settings as you see fit!
Easy to Install
Manual Watering

Materials, Dimensions,
& Specifications

Length Width Height Weight
2.3” 2.7” 4.9” 6.3 oz
Working Temperature Working Pressure Warranty User Manual
32-104 ℉ (0-40 ℃) 40-60 PSI 2 Years
Length 2.3” Width 2.7”
Height 4.9” Weight 6.3 oz
Working Temperature 32-104 ℉ (0-40 ℃)
Max Working Pressure 40-60 PSI
Warranty 2 Years
User Manual

Vego Watering

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Can the flow meter timer fit with any taps?

The fitting is 3/4", it fits with most of the tap and garden hose in US.

Can the flow meter attach to tool end?

Yes, it can, you can attach the flow water to tool end and connect with the hose. However, pay attention to the direction, the flow meter will be installed upside down to ensure the correct water flow direction.

Can I use the flow meter on a Rain Barrel Water Tank?

It depends on the water pressure; we do not recommend because the pressure is not consistent and stable in water tank.

How can I preserve the flow meter timer in the winter months?

Thoroughly drain the flow meter timer to prevent damage when dealing with freezing temperatures in winter.