Celebrating Easter by Gardening Some Greens

Vego garden metal raised bed

Easter is a festive day of celebrations full of feasting and joy. Easter is a holiday for Christians that celebrate the belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The day symbolizes new beginnings.

On this day the Christians across the globe enjoy the holiday by eating good food, dressing up, spending time with friends and family, and involving in other fun activities.

On Easter days, you will see people baking, playing games, etc. A lot of people are involved in gardening too. Gardening is a healthy hobby and Easter is one of the good times to plant some greens.

Easter garden and Easter food is a common way of celebrating the festival.  Numerous people plan and grow a garden-to-table Easter feast where they enjoy traditional Easter food that includes the vegetables grown in their Easter gardens. And nothing can be better than celebrating the holiday by having a meal filled with delicious food from your own gardens.

There are a number of ways people grow greens and prep their gardens, however, recently the trend of raised garden beds is seen common amongst the people fond of gardening. You can find the raised garden bed kits if you want to make the activity more fun. Before getting into what this new trend is all about let’s know a little about Easter.

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What is Easter?

Easter is a Christian occasion that praises the faith in the resurrection of Jesus Christ. In the New Testament of the Bible, the day is said to have happened three days after Jesus was executed by the Romans and passed on in around 30 A.D. The day ends up the "Passion of Christ,” which is a series of holidays that starts with Lent that is forty days of fasting, sacrifice, and patience —and closures with Holy Week like Holy Thursday which refers to the festival of Jesus' Last Supper with his twelve Apostles, it is also commonly known as Maundy Thursday, Good Friday referring to the day on which Jesus' crucifixion is observed and lastly the Easter Sunday. Although the day holds great importance in the Christian calendar and has high religious significance in the faith of the Christians, numerous customs related to Easter date back to pre-Christian, pagan times.

The Origin and Etymology

The origin of the name Easter was derived from Eostre that for real was a Saxon word referring to the goddess of the Saxons, in honor of whom the sacrifices were offered about the time of the Passover.

One more probability to be considered is the Norse eostur, Ostara, or eastur that denotes the season of the growing sun or the season of new birth.

A later and complex justification comes from the Christian foundation of Easter instead of the pagan. The early Latin name for the seven-day stretch of Easter was hebdomada alba or white week, while the Sunday after Easter day was called Dominica in albis from the white robes of the individuals who had been recently submerged.

In Latin, the word alba meant dawn and white both. The speakers of old high German were mistaken in the translation and utilized a word which was plural for the dawn that was ostarun, rather than using the plural of white. From there the ostarun was introduced and we get German Ostern and Easter in English.

Plan your Easter Garden

What is a better approach to commend the holiday than a feast loaded up with food varieties from your own Easter garden? Regardless of whether your region or resident place is an urban lot or a farm in the country, you can grow a wide assortment of ingredients for the day.

Developing your Easter garden requires some planning beforehand. Your initial step is to discover when Easter falls in the year. The simple and easiest approach to figure out is by googling Easter and the current year.

The date is significant on the grounds that it decides the date of planting your crops. At times this puts your date of planting sooner than when you would commonly get things in the ground.

To plant your Easter garden you can use the raised garden beds which are the latest and widely used technique of planting. The metal raised garden beds or galvanized garden beds are suitable choices for people. Due to the perks like prevention from snails, pests, and slugs, good drainage purpose, safe soil compaction, and most importantly the sides of the raised garden beds keep the soil of your garden from washing away or eroding during heavy rains.

You can get the raised garden bed kits from Vego Garden – a company in Houston with an objective to redefine raised garden beds. The company deals in eco-friendly materials that are metal raised garden beds and round metal raised garden bed kits of high-quality. Vego Garden is the most cost-efficient way to build galvanized raised garden beds. If you are planning to have a raised garden bed Vego Garden is a leading brand catering to your requirement.

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Fun activities for kids in Easter

Easter is a holiday which means double the fun for kids. Easter is all new beginnings and the concept of birth. So it is better to utilize this day with your kids and transform it into experiential learning for them. Gardening is one of the fun and amazing ways to engage your kids and teach them about planting, gardening, and nature along with developing the qualities of nurturing and patience. Moreover, being in gardening can give them a sound hobby that will motivate them to practice a healthy lifestyle. Here are a few activities that can help you and your kids in gardening this Easter.

  • Easy projects of planting

Starting with simple planting projects is a better way. There are numerous easy plants you can consider to start with, and the kids will be excited as they watch their own plants grow.

It will require some simple techniques or tools. You can create an easy and simple tray of seeds and let your kids sow them. You can try calendula, salad leaves, pansies, and even sweet peas. Grow them on the window’s will and watch them develop. Keep the plants a little moist rather than soaking.

You can plant in various kinds of containers.  You can let the kids select a container of their choice which will make them more excited about the process as they will have unique planters to grow their greens in. tin cans, egg boxes, old mugs, and a lot of other such materials can be utilized initially.

You can also instill a sense of responsibility and ownership in the kids by giving them a special plot of plants that is small, manageable, and personal. Ask them to plant and water it. For this purpose, you can with any vegetable, sunflowers, or marigold.

  • Raised garden bed kits for kids

Raised garden beds are one of the trendiest planting ways right now. They are loved and enjoyed by the gardeners for numerous reasons. The raised garden beds are the contained bed of soil or a mounted soil in a container ensuring the soil is above the ground. The raised garden bed is used for the purpose of creating a wide and deep area for growing. It encourages the roots of the plant to grow and extend outwards and down.  Moreover, it keeps the pests and slugs away from your plants and provides good drainage.

The people who are into crafting and have an idea of creating standing structures can have the raised garden bed kits and enjoy the fun procedure of assembling and planting some greens on Easter with their kids. The raised garden bed kits have everything included from the tools, to the screws, to the parts.

Why Vego Garden raised garden beds kits?

If you are looking for the raised garden bed kits to get for your Easter activity with your kids, you can approach us at Vego Garden. We deal in a variety of metal raised garden beds. Our galvanized raised garden beds are of high quality and are safe for gardening. We have round metal raised garden beds which means the edges of our garden beds are round and not sharp which makes it kids-friendly too.

The galvanized steel has a coating of zinc which requires acidity to break down. Most of the garden soils are neutral therefore there is little to no effect. Therefore, metal garden beds are the ideal choice for the raised garden bed in your gardens or backyards.

Our metal raised garden bed kits to come with all the parts and the right quantity of screws and required tools. It is available in different sizes for you to choose from. You can find the herb and kid gardening raised garden beds on our website available. Your kids can assemble and grow the plants of their choice this Easter and enjoy the new experience of raised garden bed kits. Our products are long-lasting, premium quality, and most of all cost-efficient.

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Final Verdict

Easter is a time to celebrate and enjoy the holiday with your friends and family. There are multiple ways to have fun and gardening is one of them. You can plan an Easter garden and enjoy the eater food from self-grown ingredients. You can plan some fun gardening activities with your kids that can build some soft skills in them like patience. It also gives them the concept of birth, growth and new beginnings as Easter day refers to similar roots. Vego Garden would love to be a part of your family at Easter this year. You can get metal raised garden beds and metal raised garden bed kits to make your Easter better.