How Deep Should Raised Garden Beds Be?

Depth of Raised Garden Beds

When designing a raised garden bed, one of the major factors is knowing about the depth it contains. A raised bed must be able to blend in well with the surroundings. To make it possible, knowing the ideal design detail is a must. A lot depends upon the type of shape and the edging which is chosen for it. Since there are so many designs available worldwide, choosing one out of them can be a tough choice to make. Be it an irregular-shaped perennial border that might tuck behind a dry-stone wall for giving a less formal kind of look. However, such a variety of patterns can seem attractive in almost every type of landscape. A vegetable garden has an informal look that works best in private areas of the yard. The size of the bed should be kept in proportion to the space around it. 

Be it metal raised garden beds or galvanized raised garden beds, one must always consider the depth of the garden bed very carefully. You must know that a raised bed does not always require to be significantly deep for being effective. It is said that around 8 to 12 inches work adequately in such cases. In case if drainage is an issue, apart from this, if the plants that you are planning to grow to prefer an environment with drier soil, then, in that case, the garden bed can be made taller along with which it can get it all filled up with a porous growing medium.

On the other hand, when it comes to vegetable beds, the bed must be approximately 12 to 18 inches deep. Also, remember that the material planned to edge a particular raised bed must be durable and attractive, and stable. Understanding that it is the edging that gives the entire garden bed its perfect look that fits in well with the landscape. Additionally, it even sets up the required outline of the bed and even helps hold the soil in a particular space. So, while you plan to choose how deep the raised garden beds must be, consider looking after all the above-given information.


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