Do Raised Garden Beds Need Drainage?

Raised garden beds are one of the innovative and useful inventions for gardening. It will be a great addition to your garden as you can grow different plants for vegetables and flowers separately. 

The raised garden beds allow people to grow a plant above the ground, you can add raised beds to the front yard, backyard, a patio area, balcony, terraced into the side of hill or slope, or even create a rooftop garden.

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When it comes to purchasing raised garden beds, there is one question that triggers in everyone's mind. Do raised garden beds need drainage?

Drainage is an important process when you are growing a plant in a container. So yes, the drainage is a must when you are using raised garden beds. 

Importance of drainage:

Importance of Drainage

The proper drainage is important for the overall health of a plant when you are growing it in a container. The drainage allows the plant’s root to absorb enough water to get the oxygen to grow healthy. 

The plant's roots require a good amount of oxygen to absorb nutrition from the soil. The poor drainage means the soil will hold an extra amount of water, which will displace the air. It will suffocate the plant's roots and cause serious damage. 

The excess water in the soil will also reduce the amount of nutrition in the soil and damage the plant's roots as well. This is why you need proper drainage in your plant container. 

The drainage will remove the excess water from the soil and allow the plant to absorb the right amount of water according to its requirements. 

You can decide the limit of watering according to the unique requirements of every plant as some plants require an extra amount of water to grow healthy. So, learn the nature of your plant to complete its water requirements and grow your plants healthy and strong.

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