Pros and Cons of Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

Raised garden beds are trending at the present time. It has introduced an innovative way to make gardening easier. You can add flexibility and efficiency to your home garden with raised garden beds. 

What is a raised garden bed? It is a three-to-four-foot-wide containment unit that is made of wood, rock, or concrete. You need to fill the container with the soil to grow different plants.



You can arrange different raised beds in your garden according to space and grow different types of plant breeds separately. The raised garden beds offer a variety of advantages to the users. 

However, the raised beds also come with some disadvantages. So, here we have listed all the pros and cons below, you need to know. 


  1.   Better soil for your plant: 

If you are living in an area, where the quality of soil is poor for growing healthy plants then raised garden beds are a boon for you. It will allow you to control the soil quality and profile according to your needs. You can prepare good quality soil to grow healthy plants. 

  1.   Water control:

Another benefit of using raised beds is water protection. Climatic conditions like a flood can damage your plants. The raised beds will protect your plants from unexpected water damage and you can move them simply as well. 

  1.   Less damage from tunneling animals: 

The tunneling animals can also damage your plants and it is hard to catch these animals. So, if you want to protect your valuable pants, then grow them in a raised bed. It will protect your plants from tunneling animals completely. 

  1. Less Weeds

With the normal height of a raised garden bed, weeds can hardly get through the ground to the surface.

  1. Can be placed at anywhere

You can customize your raised beds if they are modular designed like Vego Garden products. You can be a little creative to place them at your backyard, frontyard, a patio, a slope or even balcony and rooftop.

Vego Garden metal raised garden beds


  1.   Continuous drainage:

The raised garden beds have an excellent drainage system, which will remove the excess water from the soil. However, it can also drain the important minerals and nutrition with the water, which is a con of using raised beds. 

  1.   Constant maintenance if you’re using wood material: 

The raised beds require good maintenance all the time. You need to take care of watering, drainage, and essential nutrition as well. Moreover, you need to replace the material over time to maintain the good health of your plants.

Using treated wood material can also lead to chemical leaching. Metal raised beds, like Vego Garden products, have a 20+ years design life. They’re using high quality paint and are very sturdy and require minimum maintenance. Check out our collections at:

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