Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Modular Garden Beds?

Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Modular Garden Beds

Many people have started an organic garden as it gives them access to fresh fruits and vegetables. But recently modular garden beds have become popular. They have several features that make them attractive to people. Before going into why people are obsessed with these types of garden beds, you need to know what the term "modular garden beds" means. A raised bed or modular garden refers to a garden that you can build up instead of down: boxes or crates are filled with soil to create such garden beds. Here are some of the reasons for its popularity:

Grow A Garden Anywhere

Modular garden beds offer you the flexibility to grow anywhere. You can place the garden beds on your driveway, overtop of flagstone or asphalt, and patio. Just opt for a place that gets at least eight to ten hours of sunlight.

Customization Options

You can choose modular garden beds of any size. Depending on the space available, you can choose garden beds of any size or shape.

Ease Of Accessibility

If you have trouble kneeling or bending, then modular garden beds are the best options you choose. You can easily access the plants as you can raise the beds to your waist or thigh level.

Avoids Soil Compaction

Walking in your garden can lead to soil compaction. But, when you use raised beds, you have space to walk between each bed.

Soil Warms Sooner

During springtime, the soil in your garden remains cool, making it difficult to sow seeds for springtime veggies. With modular garden beds, the soil becomes warmer quickly.

Avoid Growth Of Weed

In modular garden beds, you can plant veggies closer or interplant flowers and vegetables. Due to the limited space, weed growth is drastically reduced. Adding a layer of mulch also lowers weed growth.

You can either get a DIY garden bed or order one from a reputed source like Vego Garden to grow organic food or flowers at home. Quote from our Vego customer "Best product among the similar ones sell in the US market. The only manufacturer who thought about selling extensions and rods to let you customize your bed. Gave you all the tools needed to assemble".

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