Why Modular Garden Beds are the New Trend

Vego Garden metal raised garden beds combination

Raised garden beds or modular garden beds have become the new trend due to their flexibility and convenience of taking care of the plants with ease. Using the best-raised beds, you can grow food with ease. Apart from these factors, the features that make modular garden bed popular are:

Ease Of Maintenance

Tending plants becomes easier when you opt for modular garden beds. Since they are raised from the ground, you need to bend less. It is perfect for people having joint or back problems.

Better Soil Drainage

Raised beds mean you cannot step on them. It means less soil compaction that helps better drainage. It helps to grow plants better. It is because well-drained soil has the perfect balance of water and air circulation supplied to the roots.

Get Extended Growing Season

It becomes difficult to plant during the springtime as the in-ground soil remains cold. With a raised bed, you can earlier in the spring as the soil remains warmer. It allows you to get a garden for an extended period.

Contains Spreading Of Plants

When you plant in raised beds, the creepers can spread only within the frame of the raised bed garden. So, it makes it easier to manage the plants.

Save The Plants From Animals

Planting fruits, vegetables, or flowers in a modular garden can control the foot traffic in the garden. It avoids soil compaction due to having access from both sides of the frame. It also offers limited protection from critters.

Gain Access To More Garden Space

With no space between the rows, you gain more space to plant. You can use raised garden beds to cultivate small vegetables along with flowers.

If you want to follow the current trend and grow plants at your home, then you need to get the customized raised garden beds from a reputed source such as Vego Garden for getting the desired results. 

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