Straw Mulch

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Vego Garden Straw Mulch is the perfect solution to reduce water loss in raised garden beds. Sustainably sourced from Florida, each 18 lb bag of Straw Mulch covers up to 160 sq ft or 5 of the 4 x 8 ft garden beds with a 2-inch layer of mulch. This sustainable mulch helps reduce evaporation, maintains optimal soil temperature, protects against direct sunlight, and promotes a thriving microorganism ecosystem. With its natural and pleasing appearance, Straw Mulch adds aesthetic value to your garden. It is easy to store and blends into the soil over time, enriching it with nutrients.

Note: Though not certified organic, the clean processing of the straw may result in minimal straw seed content, which can easily be removed once sprouted and decomposes quickly on the mulch surface.

  • Reduce water loss from the soil
  • Keep soil, microorganisms & worms protected from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures
  • Spread only once each season
  • Straw mulch will compost into the soil adding Nitrogen & Carbon
  • Easy to store & one bag covers five 4 x 8 ft garden beds
  • Natural aesthetic for any garden space
  • Sourced from Florida
  • Coverage: 160 sq ft per bag

    One bag covers five 4 x 8 ft garden beds

    Spread once per season

    To calculate the sq ft of your garden bed, multiply its length by its width (using ft.)

    Straw sourced from Florida

    Vego Garden | Straw Mulch

    Straw Mulch

    Regular price $69.95 Sale price $69.95
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