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42" Round Metal Garden Bed

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  • 42" wide by 17" high round shape design; Elegant Look for backyard garden. 
  • Long-Lasting Quality: With Aluzinc coated metal, it lasts 3-7x longer than regular galvanized steel beds, far more longer than wooden raised beds.
  • Healthier Roots, less bending down: At 17,” it’s the optimal depth for strong root growth. The higher depth also required less bending down for more comfortable gardening. 
  • Easy to Assemble: Building your dream garden is as easy as tightening the fasteners
  • Safety First: Round shape design with rolled edges,  plus the rubber edging cover will improve safety even more. 
  • No Soil Contamination: Unlike chemical-treated wood or plastic, Aluzinc steel has micro amount of elements leach into soil during its whole life; even if it does, aluminum, zinc and steel are essential elements for soil. 



Panels: Aluzinc steel with cream white corrosion resistant painting,

Fasteners: made from 304 special treated stainless steel;

Safety Edging: steel mesh covered by black color rubber


Packing List: 

6 Aluzinc Panels

36+2 Sets of 304 Stainless Steel Bolts, Washers and Nuts

1 Set of Reinforce Rubber Safety Edging

1 Hand Wrench

1 User Manual



Diameter: 42"   Height: 17" 

Thickness: 0.6 mm

Volume: 13.6 cubic ft


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Why is 17” an ideal depth for raised beds?

Most raised beds are less than 12," which isn't enough for healthy roots to grow - especially when you're gardening in a fresh area where soil quality is poor. Deeper soil means deeper roots and happier plants. Many root plants, such as carrots, need extra height for the root to stretch, so 17" is optimal. Higher beds also mean you'll bend over less, saving your back.

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