4 Best Raised Garden Bed Options For The Backyard

Even if a person doesn't have much time for gardening, still they can have a productive vegetable garden, no matter what the size is. As with changing times, many people started living in small houses where they have limited spaces for gardening so they can start with a raised bed. It's a kind of shortcut to a plentiful harvest, even in the first year.

Raised garden beds are also known as planting beds that sit above the ground and give you more control over growing circumstances, make gardening more comfortable with less back-straining bending and add a bit of style to your yard. Whether you want a new way to display your florals or you’re planning a serious vegetable garden, a few of the raised garden ideas inspire you to get growing.

Choosing a Raised Bed

Various reputed suppliers have a wide range of raised beds, starting from aluminium corner kits for which you supply your lumber, to entire raised bed kits in cedar, composite wood, recycled plastic and galvanized steel. Nowadays, many people are also considering elevated raised beds or extra tall raised beds(check out Vego Garden extra tall raised beds here), for no-bend gardening.

Typically, the raised beds are available in a wide variety starting from the 6” height. Generally, the more soil depth that's available to your plants, the more generously their roots will grow. More soil also holds more dampness, so a deeper raised bed will need less frequent watering.

Forever Raised Beds

The Forever Raised Beds can be set up in a few minutes and last for years. They are made from a composite of recycled wood and plastic, and have the attractive look and feel of silvery aged cedar, but will never splinter or rot.

Self-Watering Raised Garden Bed

The dreamy gardener will go to love this self-watering planter that can go perfectly indoors or even outdoors. They are mostly suitable for apartment dwellers who only have a balcony for a backyard. To use, only fill the reservoir, and your plants will drink the water they need. 

Dual Raised Garden Bed

For people who have larger areas, this side-by-side option is the most suitable choice and it is made of Chinese fir that's built to last through many seasons. The panels are pre-sanded and the design features dovetail joints that slide together and lock in the area for speedy assembly.

Modular Designed Raised Garden Bed

With modular design, you can be a little creative to customize it for your need, place it a place you want it be. Vego Garden's metal raised beds are modular designed with flexible configuration options to fit any back or front yard space. Check out our 6-in-1, 9-in-1, 10-in-1 and round beds for details.

Vego Garden modular designed metal raised garden beds

Undoubtedly, the raised garden beds become the perfect choice for garden enthusiasts who have more space or are limited, it gives them all kinds of options to grow their plants.

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