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Kids First Garden Bed

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As a family with little ones, we wanted to encourage them to spend more time in the garden while discovering more about nature. This is how we came up with the idea of Kids First Garden Bed. The beds feature a cute oval shape of 2ft wide and 3.5ft long, 17 inches height, with rolled edges and rubber safety cover. Each Kids Garden comes with One randomly picked Sticker, Yeah!! If you would like to purchase a whole set, follow Link 

Despite its name, this bed can actually grow a lot of vegetables. You can easily fit 6 tomato plants in the summer, or 16 carrot plants in the fall. You can also use it as a Herb garden to grow mint, basil and rosemary!

As your kids grow bigger, their garden beds can "grow" together. By adding 4 more straight panels S15, the bed will transform into a 6 IN 1 Kit; or convert it into a 9 In 1 Kit with 6 more straight panels S15

Learn more about how to DIY ideas following Link Here. 

Kids Garden are offered in Single Kit and Twin Pack, Pearl White Color Only. The "Its Fall Yall" garden sign is not part of Kids garden, show purpose only.